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UI Design Inspiration #3

UI Design Inspiration

The series of UI Design Inspiration on FreeUI.Design, where you can take a look at the best UI design around the world and get inspiration for your next projects. This is also a chance to be featured on FreeUI.Design if you’re showcasing your work on Behance and Dribbble or somewhere else, just leave us a message via Facebook or Twitter. Or just merely tag us on your post on social media network @FreeUI.Design on Facebook – @FreeUIDesign on Twitter – We will take a look, and if your work is coming with an excellent idea We would be happy to include it in the next articles.

Iconspace – Preview

by Sebo

Iconspace – Preview by Sebo

Crypto wallet apps

by M Rizky Edriansyah

crypto wallet apps by M Rizky Edriansyah


by Sherzod Mirzaakhmedov

afisha by Sherzod Mirzaakhmedov

RoboAdvisor – Dashboard

Today I would like to show you my last project for RoboAdvisor. I hope you will enjoy!

by Michal Parulski for Netguru

RoboAdvisor – Dashboard by Michal Parulski for Netguru

RoboAdvisor – Mobile Dashboard

by Michal Parulski for Netguru


by MAXVISION for Radio Design

Weshare will send you something you are interested in every day, and you can upload your work. It contains many interesting things, including art, photography, food, travel…

Weshare by MAXVISION for Radio Design

Basicrules (WIP)

by Giga Tamarashvili

Basicrules (WIP) by Giga Tamarashvili

Landing Page Underwater World

by Nicholaus Gilang for OWW

This website tell about underwater world. You can found many sea creature here, and many more.

Landing Page Underwater World by Nicholaus Gilang for OWW

Daikin – Calculate your cooling load

by Johny vino™

As a normal human its always a struggle in the calculation of cooling load which is initially required to establish the appropriate dimensions of a climatic control device and its likely air demands.

The air conditioning requirements are a function of the following parameters, which uses as input data:

• Room size
• Room height
• Roof or ceiling construction
• Area of windows (with direct sunlight)
• Number of people in the room

The result of cooling load to be changed from Watts to BTU/h, which is the industry standard

If you have this number you can order in Daikin or you can submit your request your details to customer care they will come to your home and measure

Daikin – Calculate your cooling load by Johny vino™


by Ana Rumenović

Shogito by Ana Rumenović

Introducing Community

by Nicola Felasquez Felaco for Musixmatch

A centered space for our Community: users are the power of Musixmatch and now the truly heart of the app with their brand new Contribute tab that gives a faster access to all the ways to get involved in our Community, in addition to new leaderboards and stats.

Introducing Community by Nicola Felasquez Felaco for Musixmatch

Cooking app – Kookous

by Edward C. for Queble Solutions

Teach millennials the secrets to delicious and diverse meal prep!

Cooking app—Kookous by Edward C. for Queble Solutions

Drag and Drop to upload

by Jakub Antalík for

Happy to share a Drag and Drop to upload concept created for The Idea is to bring better visual feedback around what happens with the file after is dropped.

Drag and Drop to upload by Jakub Antalík for

Conceptual Dashboard UI

by Ali Sayed

Conceptual Dashboard UI by Ali Sayed

Simple Icon Set

by Wouter de Bres

Created some more simple icons for my icon set. What icons should I add? Also, I still need a name for my icon set, any ideas?

Simple Icon Set by Wouter de Bres