Top 3 New Sketch Plugins: Toybox, Magic Buttons, Easing Gradient

Hello Designers, today We want to bring you some great news that We definitely don’t want you to miss this. There are three new and great Sketch Plugins that will improve your design and workflow. Let’s go through three newest plugins: Toybox, Magic Buttons, Easing Gradient Sketch Plugins

Toybox Sketch Plugin

Top 3 New Sketch Plugins: Toybox, Magic Buttons, Easing Gradient

Toybox is a new Sketch Plugin that makes your user interface consistent. Toybox helps product teams identify UI inconsistencies and resolve them in seconds.

Monitor your UI.

Toybox constantly tracks your web pages, design files, and style guides – giving you a real-time feed into every unique style and component being used throughout.

Resolve inconsistencies with confidence.

Use detailed and contextual data to understand and resolve UI errors. Take consistency a step further with Roller – the first ever Design Linter. Start catching UI inconsistencies before they ever reach your users.

Quantify your efforts.

Whether you want to understand the adoption of your new color palette, what to add to your Design System, or how to measure ROI – Toybox answers your critical questions with quantitative and visual data.

Learn more and download Toybox here


Magic Buttons v0.1 – Sketch Plugin


Magic Button is a plugin created by UPX Technologies in May 2018

Be a wizard! Automatically resize and relabel buttons with padding sizes like CSS.

The Magic Buttons Sketch plugin lets you automatically change the label of any symbol button by pressing keyboard keys (cmd + shift + m) and also resize the button according to the new text added keeping it’s padding proportions like in CSS. It’s magical!

Download Here


Easing Gradient


Supercharge your gradients in Sketch with non-linear color mix and custom color spaces

With Sketch Runner, just go to the install command and search for Easing Gradient. Or download the latest release pkg (not the .zip).
Documentation, online editor, link to post CSS plugin and more on

Bonus: macOS Mojave brings dark mode to Sketch