New Minimalistic Phone Mockups by tranmautritam

This Free Minimal Phone Mockup (PSD) helps to showcase your website design & app mobile design. Looking for a minimal, modern and clean style? This is what you need.

Free Minimal Phone Mockup Introduction

This free minimal phone mockup is made with Smart Objects for your convenience, easily just drag and drop your design. It gives you a lasting impression since the phone mockup is well-organized, completely customizable layers down to the smallest detail so you can edit them all within only a blink.

Tran Mau Tri Tam – Product Designer as Tranmautritam

free minimal phone mockup


Free Minimal Phone Mockup Features:

 01. Changeable Phone Color

The Free Minimal Phone Mockup come with dark style & light style, whether you are a fan of dark or clean and light, this mockup has it all.
You will be able to change the Phone color with a number of different color variations. It’s a pretty cool feature that helps you make your presentation more flexible. Modifying the color is simple as well. Take a look at the below example.

free minimal phone mockup


02. Changeable Background Color

The Free Minimal Phone Mockup has some options for Gradient background, Solid background, Dark background… Or simpler, you can custom the background as what you want to do, and nothing limited in this free minimal phone mockup.

03. Changeable Shadow Color

free minimal phone mockup
You will be able to change the phone shadow color. It would be hilarious if you are working on a red minimal phone mockup but his shadow is blue. That’s why it’s your choice to have the shadow color fitting your phone mockup.

04. High Resolution

You can make any size as you want, this free minimal phone mockup is created by shapes layered.
Note: The screen is based on 750x1334px @2x exported for iPhone 7. If you are working on a bigger phone showcase; remember to export your screen bigger to hand on the best quality.

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05. Drag & Drop to Create your own

I’ve made some pre-made scenes, but it’s yours since you download this free minimal phone mockup. Make more scenes as you want.

free minimal phone mockup


06. Drag and drop – so easy to use

I’ve used a lot of free phone mockup shared by other authors. They were nice except one thing it was so hard to find out the smart objects. Time is gold, so I decided to create A Guide for each Mockup File with the screens where you just need to double click and put your screens. I hope you will like it.

free phone mockup template


07. Free Download + Free Updates

The most excellent thing that is you doesn’t need to pay for this PSD Mockups. It’s completely free for download and Free for the updates. But if you like my work, I appreciate your help if you follow me on Behance, Dribbble and sharing my work with your friends, It would be awesome. You can also donate to help me create more great stuff if you want via Gumroad or

Free Minimal Phone Mockup Detail

PSD Included (ver 1.1.0 Jul 17, 2017 – 10 PSD Files)
• Phone-01.psd
• Phone-01-DarkStyle.psd
• Phone-02.psd
• Phone-02-DarkStyle.psd
• Phone-03-withCase-Style.psd
• Phone-03-withCase-Dark-Style.psd
• Phone-04.psd
• Screens.psd
• Scene_1.psd
• Scene_2.psd


Dribbble’s iOS App – Redesign
by @tranmautritam ✪

Dribbble, as you know, is one of the best community for designers get inspired and hired. A couple of months ago, they released an Official iOS app; It was a great news except some things I don’t really like 🙁 (but I still love Dribbble). So I decided to challenge myself by creating a small concept that would let you know what I would like to add to Dribbble iOS App’s features. I also redesign almost visual interface what may make Dribbble looks better, at least for me 😀

Check Full Presentation

Video Tutorial

Download the Free Minimal Phone Mockup Now

Made with love by Tranmautritam © 2017.

Exclusive release on Behance & Dribbble. Please don’t redistribute for free without asking me.
If you have time, please take a look at my online store on ThemeForest.

What is Smart Object?

Smart Objects are layers that contain image data from raster or vector images, such as Photoshop or Illustrator files. Smart Objects preserve an image’s source content with all its original characteristics, enabling you to perform nondestructive editing to the layer.

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